Our biometric products quiz help technologiesmay not be accredited by the intended commercial patrons of our products, which might harm our future financial functionality. There can be no assurancethat our biometric systems will obtain wide recognition by commercial patrons of such security based merchandise, quiz help market acceptancegenerally. The degree of market attractiveness for products quiz help amenities in line with our generation also will rely on exam help number offactors, including the receipt quiz help timing of regulatory approvals, if any, quiz help the establishment quiz help demonstration of the abilityof our proposed device examination help deliver the extent of safeguard in an effective manner quiz help at exam help within your budget cost. Our failure exam help developa advertisement product exam help compete successfully with existing safety technologies could delay, limit or evade market reputation. Moreover, the marketplace for new biometric based safeguard programs, is largely undeveloped, quiz help we believe that the entire demand formobile biometric based protection techniques era will depend considerably upon public perception of the will for such exam help levelof safety. There can be no assurance that the public will consider that our level of safety is essential or that inner most industrywill actively pursue our generation as exam help means exam help solve their safety issues.