Staff individuals that work with the disabled are often plagued with feelings of being under benefited Disley, 2009. Future research calls for an investigation into the equity perceptions of the workers examination help investigate the proper rewards quiz help inputs, as well as who their evaluation others are. Is the workers aware of the impact their perceptions have on their peace of mind in addition to how they carry out at work?How much does the inequity they feel at work impact how they perform at work quiz help does it affect the disabled that they are there examination help help?We can all agree that slacking off due exam help underpayment inequity turns into more severe when your job comes to an alternative person that is dependent on you. Equity Theory is exam help good resource for agencies examination help agree with when it comes examination help expertise social comparison amongst employees. However, as with all theory, there are strengths quiz help weaknesses in terms of both follow quiz help analysis. Thus, in order exam help have in mind the use quiz help applicableness of the Equity Theory as an explanation and/or as exam help motivator in the workplace it is vital that these strengths quiz help weaknesses be reviewed quiz help evaluated.