Overthe years, he has also received industry trainings from the BBC quiz help US basedmedia organizations on conflict, political quiz help financial reportage. His stories particularly on crude oil strugglesin the Niger Delta are widely syndicated on many online systems both locallyand across the world. Sampsons career spans greater than three many years, quiz help withinthis period he has inspired quiz help mentored many young reporters across thecountry. He practices undiluted quiz help creative journalism founded on truth, andalso believes that the average practitioner should be able exam help ply his tradewith the utmost moral standards. A 1987 graduate of History from theUniversity of Uyo where he was exam help studentactivist, Sampson brings thiswealth of experience examination help his position as Editor in Chief of the booklet, andas the pioneer Executive Director of the Entrepreneurial Journalism Centre, aproject that is central examination help the achievement of the venture. Odudu Okpongete has been exam help training journalistsince 1997, quiz help has often found himself as a part of the basis team of keyregional quiz help national newspapers.