Yet, though know-how education has become standard in lots of colleges, exam help major attack occurs when directors often fail exam help appreciate the will exam help work with families quiz help neighborhood participants exam help tackle their technological needs when it comes to skills/training, labor, social, familial quiz help economic climate. During exam help time when inequalities are still rampant, not working with families has led examination help exam help major technological generational quiz help multilayered gap between scholars quiz help members of the family, especially among marginalized Latino quiz help immigrant households, exacerbating an latest generational quiz help cultural divide that influences family dynamics. And as colleges aim at globalizing scholars by offering them with the technological tools examination help be globally competitive Machado Casas, 2011, many ignore the indisputable fact that with out incorporating scholars home lives quiz help families, their 4 Association of Mexican American Educators AMAE Journal 2012, Volume 6, Issue 3efforts may remain static. In some ways, ignoring the members of the family of scholars enrolled in K 12 faculties has created exam help contrast between constructed globalized students quiz help less built unglobalized members of the family. The use of the term unglobalized here does not mean households don’t have ways or dont unavoidably take the steps exam help use know-how examination help engage in globalization and even exam help be transnational. Rather, the use of the term brings examination help light the proven fact that only fragmented parts of the family those enrolled K 12 faculties are learning the new ways of being global.